“Who needs tributes when a god walks amongst us!”
– Unknown Thax’an merchant

Population: 27,000
Area: 4sq miles / 100 sq miles
Tributes: 0; see below

General History

The megacity of Thax’an is very unique as the city isn’t build around a static tribute,
but rather a living person. While the megacities of Dalranux, Morderand and Calterron
where being established, rumors of a walking deity quickly spread across Magantia.
They said the deity exists deep in the south and awaits the faithful to praise him in
return for power. Many went to the south to discover a wasteland of rock and sand.
For another 1000 years, nothing more than rumor was known to the rest of Magantia.

When merchants brought word of a massive city in the south, people thought the
wasteland heat had taken their sanity. Soon after that, the rumors grew and grew,
talking about a glorious city made of stone and iron displaying beautiful gardens and
clean water. At the center of the city stood a magnificent temple to a walking deity –

Daily Life

The majority of the inhabitants of the megacity Thax’an worship Thax’an exclusively.
The faithful show thanks to Thax’an with daily devotions and a monthly sacrifice laided
at the feat of Thax’an himself. There are no temples or chapels to Thax’an other than
at the heart of the city, where Thax’an spends most of his days. Shrines are on nearly
every block, and almost always have a member of the faithful offering small prayers to
Thax’an within.

Thax’an has two elite garrisons that are always visible throughout the city. The Chosen
are a city guard that have been blessed by Thax’an. They help the needy, protect the
innocent, and execute righteous sentencing of the wicked according the the law Thax’an
has passed down. The second elite guard, The Embodiment, have been imbued with
great power from Thax’an and serve as his personal servants and retinue.


Thax’an provides his divine wisdom on all matters within his realm. Thax’an openly
embraces free trade and cooperative with people of good moral and ethical fiber.


Thax’an has no known tributes. A common rumor shared among people speculates that
Thax’an himself is the result of a meteor directly impacting the tribute it was intending
to search for.


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