Raylins Quarry Region

Raylins Quarry a region in northeastern Rhinec that has been devastated by overly desperate resource mining. During the Godhand War, the region was agressively strip-mined to provide tons upon tons of iron and loads of mithril ore to the coalition armies. Afterwards, Morderand claimed control of the region, but shared mining rights with several other entities in order to keep peace with the other emerging megacitites.

The countryside of Raylins Quarry is practically a wasteland, consisting of tiered hills and mountains, dangerous ravines, and abandoned mines. Little of the natural vegetation has grown back in the area. While iron ore still can be found here to this day, little mining takes place on account of the many monsters and bandits that use the old mines as hideouts and habitats. Supposedly mithril ore still exists within the hills, but the town has officially outlawed its collection.

The name came from the first commander who was stationed here, Lurgash Raylin – thus Raylin’s Quarry. Time has removed the apostrophe and any significance to the original coalition camp that settled here. While outsiders refer to the entire expanse of mining devastation as Raylins Quarry, locals reserve the name for the town that has sprung from the original mining camp.

Locations of Interest

Raylin’s Junction
Raylins Quarry (Town)

Raylins Quarry Region

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