Raylins Quarry

It’s a hole filled with the wastes of a dying mining economy; I refer not to just abandoned tools but abandoned people. Raylins Quarry is a wound on Rhinec that now festers. Pray to the entire host that it does not spread.


Population: 2,000 honest

Raylins Quarry is the namesake of the region west of Morderand that held the largest mining operation in Rhinec during the time of the Godhand War. People migrate to the town in search of work and protection only to end up being enslaved by poverty and by the brutality of the local bandits.

The town itself sits upon one of the largest mining complexes in recorded history. While mining has been stopped centuries ago on the main vein, many still prospect elsewhere to find iron and, more importantly, mithril – despite mithril mining operations have been proclaimed illegal by local authorities.

Despite the poverty of the town, bandits are plentiful within the surrounding region. While authorities do keep illegal activity subdue, many know that it is the blood-soaked coin of bandits that keep the town afloat.

Raylins Quarry

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