Quest Log

Useful for quick refreshers and as a way to refocus, the Quest Log will list the party’s current quests they are perusing.

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Primary Quests

Extraplanar Treasures

Aquired: Adventure from February 19th
The party is investigating the cavern left behind from a meteor impact, hoping to uncover riches.

Individual Quests



Aquired: Previously In the Campaign
After retrieving a tome from Treliam, Quinn discovers a disturbing picture of his likeness that raises many questions. Ricard, a Shivaun’Ti, claims that his troupe’s Revered Mother can elaborate on what this means.

After getting the koo-koo Treliam out of trouble with a fence by the name of Heil, the party acquired a book that had many oddities – most notably a picture with Quinn’s likeness standing on top of a pile of skulls, holding a sickle in one hand and a flower in the other.

Concerned as ever, the party encountered a Shivaun’Ti by the name Ricard who claimed to know of a prophecy that includes Quinn. His knowledge of it is sketchy at best, but Ricard has said that his Revered Mother could tell Quinn’s place in the prophecy, and has sworn to protect Quinn as the party travels to Westraid to look for her.


Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

Aquired: Previously In the Campaign
When Dalranux fell seige by demonic elementals, Aztock was tasked with hiding a relic by his guild, the Blood Red Diamonds.

Having found spoils that belonged to his guild, Aztock ventured through the a mostly deserted Dalranux in search of the Master Slayer’s Den – the “guild hall” of the Blood Red Diamonds. It was here that Aztock discovered many disturbing realities that threaten the guild. Prompted by these threats, the Master Slayer handed over a relic to Aztock and commanded that he wait for a contact in Westraid.

Completed Quests

Best Left Dead
I’ve Been Working on the Rail Road
What’s Mine is Yours
Exit, Stage Right
Introductory Adventure: Save the Crazy Old Man

Quest Log

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