Poison Yard and Fire Field

Collectively, the Poison Yard and the Fire Field are two regions found south east of the Graingire Abyss that are the result of a confrontation between the alliance forces and the Godhand. While both regions have starkly different features, they are both caused by the large active volcano, Mt. Terrmore, becoming continuously violent.

Poison Yard

Surrounding 3/5 of the land around Mt. Terrmore is the region named the Poison Yard. Covered in ash and host to lethal levels of sulfur, the Poison Yard is a death sentence for most mortals that traverse it’s landscape. The toxic water is constantly in a rolling boil, releasing jets of sulfuric gas into the air. Remnants of trees litter the landscape looking like sad winter-coated forests. The only life within the Yard consists of hardened creatures that thrive of the toxins and outsiders that find the location more home-like than the surrounding lush woodlands.

Fire Field

Dominated by the active Volcano Mt. Terrmore, the Fire Field is a desolate, scared landscape of molten rock and obsidian.

Poison Yard and Fire Field

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