Order of the Crimson Night

Of all the assassin orders in Rhinec, the Order of the Crimson Night sits chiefly among them. With a clouded origin and multiple mentions in world-shaping events, no guild is more respected or feared. The role Order of the Crimson Night plays has changed as time progresses, but their assassins are still highly sought and demand top payment.


The Order is still governed by the same raksasha legacy that created the Huu’Shwan. No one knows who, if any, of the original Huu’Shwan are still in power today. There was some turmoil among the Order’s leadership four centuries ago that spawned a rival guild, the Blood Red Diamonds, but no other information is known to the public.

In actuality, the leadership of Order of the Crimson Night is split into controlling interest called Gray Stars. Each Star oversees specific agendas the Order is pursuing, and Stars are created and consolidated as needed. The raksasha lineage controls the general organization of the Grey Stars.


Becoming associated with the Order of the Crimson Night is is a tricky affair, because each Gray Star recruits based on it’s own criteria. Sometimes people are offered invitations based up their skill at killing alone, while others are offered invitations only after a series of successes in multiple fields of work.


The code of conduct followed by associates is mostly dictated by the Gray Star that the member answers to, but all who operate under the Order’s name answer to several rules that form the core of their operation.

  1. Never act without purpose
  2. Never act without consent
  3. Never act without contract

Culture and Social

At large, the Order of the Crimson Night is known for it’s schemes and long-running agendas. Their services as assassins is undeniable, however, and is sought after by a wide variety of people across Rhinec. Within the Order, each star has it’s own culture; one may seem like an army with it’s regulations and commands while another may be so loose-knit that members go years without guild interaction.

Order of the Crimson Night

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