Myth Nyondan

“Trees… all I see are these dang trees! Where’s the blasted city?”
– Human visitor to Myth Nyondan

Population: 37,000+
Area: Forodia Taure (North Abyss Forest)
Tributes: 3

General History

Human history shows little of the settlement of Myth Nyondan. It is known that
the woodland elves lived in the forests called Forodia Taure for centuries before
the Godhand War. That aside, it was a surprize to recognize the co-existence of a
permanent and visible home to fae of all races in Magantia. The Elves, eladrin, wildkin
and other fae have a strong central presence in Magantia, and this is their primary

The sprawling “megacity” of Myth Nyondan was established out of necessity. Forodia
Taure had always been under vigilant watch of the fae due to it’s previously unexplained
attraction for corruption and extraplanar visitors. With the threat of syolkiir hoar
(meteor transformation) and the consolidation of other races at Dalranux, Morderand, Calterron and the far south, the fae became even more diligent in their search for evil and established the what is typically known as Myth Nyondan.

Daily Life

The megacity is more like a chain of settlements throughout Forodia Taure, each with
it’s own name and usually maintained by one specific race. The heart of Myth Nyondan,
however, is as busy and diverse as a nature-loving people could let it.

Many fae who live in Myth Nyondan do so because they are involved with the tributes
in one way or another. While merchants and craftsman conduct work within the
settlement, all activity eventually supports the protection of the tributes.


Fae are a naturally free people, abiding by a lord or ruler only when deemed necessary.
In order to maintain trust between all fae involved, the Circle of Wisdom was created
to have representation from all factions on the conduct and use of the tributes. In an
honorary roll sits the Hir’Aran, who resides over all Circle gatherings and is considered
to be the wisest of the Circle.


Myth Nyondan guards three bizarre and potent tributes.

Rictus Stone: The Rictus Stone is one of the most disturbing remnants due to it’s ability
to disrupt all magical and psionic spells around it. Additionally, powers divination
in nature seem to fail within a mile of the remnant. This may be to prevent other
creatures or meteors from finding and using it, as speculated with other artifacts.

The primary power of the Rictus Stone allows one to transfer different forms of power
from one object or person to another person. It can install this energy into anyone,
turning a flourishing forest like Forodia Taure into raw energy for a madman.

The Monolith: Deep within Forodia Taure stands a colossal white stone pillar with gems
hidden beneath moss and other forest growth. A faint hum emanates from the pillar,
eerily repelling wildlife. Creatures with a strong affinity towards earth elements seem to
be attracted to the Monolith.

The Monolith can re-sculpt the ground in it’s immediate area, and seems to do so on a
cycle by its self. It is capable of forming anything from mountains to dirt and sand. The
remnant’s area of influence is increased by the number of creatures nearby that have an
affinity to elemental earth.

Bellien’s Arch: Discovered by the eladrin Bellien Alarane, Bellien’s Arch was considered
little more than a landmark for a few millennium before the Godhand War. Instead, it
has become instrumental in the support of and maintainence of Myth Nyondan.

The Arch can produce good food and water at will, although it does not create it fast
enough to be the only source of food for Myth Nyondan. It can also alter the weather
all across the forest, including temperature. On command, it can calm nearby wildlife
and even track a specific animal if a strong enough link between the user and the animal
exists. Bellien’s Arch can eradicate disease, regenerate limbs and restore one’s health.

Pronunciation Guide

  • Myth Nyondan – mith ni-on-dan
  • Forodia Taure – fore-odd-ee-ah tow-ray
  • Bellien – beal-line
  • Hir’Aran – here ah-rahn
  • Syolkiir Hoar – sia-o-kere ho-ar

Myth Nyondan

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