“Bigger, Bigger, BIGGER”
– Warlord Zillus, Overheard during construction of the first Zillus Cannon

Population: 66,000; 90,000 enlisted
Area: 504sq miles, including all protected land
Tributes: 1

General History

After the Godhand War, the sight of a meteor streaking through the sky brought
tremendous fear to the population of Magantia. Many talents where used to track and
predict the meteors, but it was Warlord Zillus , greatest of the generals of the Coalition
Legions, who saw another loosing war. Some claim Warlord Zillus simply wanted to
continue to fight while others claim him to be a brilliant visionary and a compassionate
leader. Regardless, when he build the Fortress of XXX on present-day Morderand,
everybody was excited for one reason or another.

Warlord Zillus viewed the protection of Magantia from the threats of meteoric
transfusion as a military operation. He commissioned mages, psions and other wisemen
to create methods for early detection and tracking of meteors. However, the most
widely known construction Zillus is responsible for is the Zillus Cannon; when first
created the Zillus Cannon had a diameter of roughly 34″ and a barrel length of 110′
mounted on a platform that could elevate itself up 40 stories over the highest point of
the Fortress. The modern-day “Zillus the 12th” is much, much larger.

Daily Life

Morderand’s militant mindset is seen throughout the population. Every permanent
resident is required to undergo two years of military training in the event they are
needed to defend the city from any threat. Most citizens of Morderand become
enlisted members of the army. Most activity in and around Morderand is meant to
support the army in one fashion or another. Even entertainers are instilled with a sense
of patriotism that calls them to

It is considered an honor to serve in the Morderand army. Those who serve for 4 or
more years are given a medal sash that most wear proudly when they are off-duty. The
divisions of the army itself are vast and cover every specialty and accepted fighting style
known. Special units are constantly being trained in even newer, less orthodox methods
of warfare.


Morderand is ultimately ran by the Steward-Chancellor, who has the final decision
in all civilian and military matters. Every Steward-Chancellor is considered to be the
wises, kindest and most brilliant of Morderand. Steward-Chancellors name their own
successors based upon their own wisdom and guidance given from the deities.

Under the Steward-Chancellor are a series of Ministries, each ran by a civilian and an
officer, that report to the Steward-Chancellor and conduct most day-to-day government
activities on behalf of the Steward-Chancellor.


Morderand directly controls only one tribute. Not much is known outside of the walls of
Morderand about what the tribute is or can do. Its main purpose is to power the Zillus
Cannon due to the sheer amount of energy it can generate. Many mages and other
wisemen outside of Morderand speculate that the tribute is capable of doing much
more and constantly petition the Steward-Chancellor to have it investigated by other
megacities. To date, no request from an outside party has ever been approved, and
individuals who have trespassed in order to investigate without permission have been


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