Meteor Basics

Ah, the greatest threat – and greatest reward – mortals have ever known! I must admit, I have never been spelunking after one of the abominations. Plenty of tales and documents on them, however! Fascinating and powerful anomalies…


For thousands of years, meteors the size of caravan wagons have streaked across the skies of Magantia and crashed into the ground. The result is usually the summoning of a being unlike anything a sage or planar traveler has ever seen. These beings will dig through the earth in search of a remnant. If the summoned being finds a remnant, it will fuse with it – often with catastrophic results.

Meteor Size and Composition

Most meteors tend to be 8 feet in diameter. Larger meters have been recored; the largest being the size of two city blocks. Each of these meteors contains an extraplanar creature of an unknown origin. Additionally, each meteor has a chance of carrying a rare and powerful substance best known as green iron.

While the meteors light up the sky in a red (sometimes green) streak, they will slow down moments before impacting the ground. It is theorized that the extraplanar creature is doing this, since several meteors have crashed with full impact when a shot from the Zillus Cannon was less than sufficient to destroy them (see below).

Meteor Caverns

The tunnels the extraplanar beings create meander through the earth, breaking into other caverns, lost ruins and anything else that is in it’s path. Most of these tunnel networks end up manifesting characteristics that match that of the extraplanar being; it is like opening a portal to another plane of existence and letting it seep into the material plane.

Protection Against the Sky

To date, the best protection Rhinec has against this threat is the Zillus Cannon constructed at Morderand. The cannon is not perfect, however. Aside from missed shots, some great incidents have occurred because of grazed shots. Drought, dust storms and worse have unfolded because of the effects of a less than accurate shot.

Meteor Basics

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