Population: 2,500 people (mostly human)

Occupying about half of the coastline of Lake Liadan, Lakeshire is a breathtaking site. A part of a popular trade route, the settlement was originally established by a king prior to the Godhand War as a large hunting lodge used for vacations and favors. While the war ravaged the landscape across the continent, the only changes the region saw came in the form of the blocking of the inbound and outbound river and extreme weather shifts.

Current-day Lakeshire receives a lot of foot traffic from nomads and merchants who dare cross the miles of dangerous landscape that separate it from any other settlement. Walls separate the eastern and western ends of the town from the ruined outposts and scarred landscape that are dominant in the region. Most of the old hunting grounds within the walls have been turned into rolling farmland, although several acres of woods still remain. Sheer cliffs and the Mountains of Klastia provide both protection and beautiful sights along the non-shore side of the town.

Lakeshire is also graced with a minor tribute known as the Hand of the King. An iron statue of a ring-adorn hand and forearm, about twice as large as normal, reaches out of the ground. Using a ritual that has been known for over a century, people can pay homage to the artifact in order to gain precious wisdom and insight into specific matters brought before it. It is said that those who have little purpose or direction receive no aid at all, while those with a clear desire and great ambition can summon an outsider of infinite wisdom and power that will assist the user abundantly. Several stories of previous outsiders glide from ear to ear within Lakeshire, not all of which end happily for the recipient.

Places of Interest

Wayward Hunt

Several lodges where built on the grounds in order to accommodate visiting nobles in their hunting expeditions. All of the lodges where built with every amenity possible, and could accomodate three or four nobles with a modest staff. One of the lodges, located in the north west nearest the forest, was the most impressive and was considered to be the best of the lodges a nobleman could use. As the core of the establishment grew over time, the lodge slowly became part of the town. Today it is known as the Wayward Hunt, and services travelers of all kinds.


The great hall that the original king would use when he as in the region is known as Highlodge. On display atop a hill in the eastern part of Lakeshire, Highlodge is an impressive building that contains a massive banquette hall, luxurious sleeping accomodations, and is used for all town business – as overseen by Lakeshire’s Arnestee.

The current Arnestee, Norvik Belsmith, is generally thought of as a kind ruler who use to be an adventurer of some renown.


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