House Rules

Feat Acquisition

You must have a story/RP reason for any feat you acquire. It can be as simple as “All I use is my axe, so Weapon Focus (Axe) is natural” to “I talked to that merchant at length and picked up a few tricks, so Skill Focus (Diplomacy) makes sense to me!” Note, some things (specifically multiclass feats) require deeper explanation.


As above; you must have a story/RP reason for why your retraining makes sense. “I have a talkative side, but also an aloof side, so I’m retraining Diplomacy for Bluff” is fine. Some things (specifically multiclass feats and totally new skills) require deeper explanation.

Magic Item Daily Powers

There is no per-tier limit on the number of daily magic item powers a PC can use.

Hard Corners in Combat

Players and Monsters provide ‘hard corners’ in combat. (You cannot take a diagonal step through a hard corner) As normal, you can step through/across a friendly square. Forced movement ignores this rule.

Playable NPCs

Any NPC travelling with you that has stats can be substituted for a PC in any combat. The following rules apply to all Playable NPCs.

  1. Playable NPCs don’t get experience; the player’s PC gets experience as if they where the ones in combat for the encounter.
  2. Playable NPCs don’t benefit from magic items like normal PCs do. Their stats reflect enhancement bonuses from armor and weapons based upon their level. If a Playable NPC is given a magic item with a higher bonus that what their level accommodates for, the appropriate stats are increased.
  3. Playable NPCs abide by the group’s magic item usage rules.
  4. Playable NPC stats are expressed in such a way that include the Player’s level in the calculation. Example: Rusty Dagger; Level + 4 vs AC – 1d4 + 1 + 1/2 Level.
  5. Playable NPCs have a healing surge value of 1/4 their total hit points (rounded down).
  6. Playable NPCs have 0 healing surges. When an effect would allow a playable NPC to spend a healing surge, the controlling player must provide the healing surge from their PC. Any particular NPC may not benefit from more than 6 healing surges in a day, regardless of role/class.

House Rules

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