Graingire Abyss

Graingire Abyss use to be a thriving lake near the heart of the continent. More than 150,000 square miles in size, it facilitated trade and quick transportation across the land. When the combined militarise used a long-forgotten ritual to draw the Godhand near and overwhelm the creature with naval might, the beast created a fissure so large the entire lake drained, leaving behind a chasm that drops straight into the home of demons.

Pre-War History

Before the War of the Godhand, Lake Graingire (referred to as Graingire Sea by many) was a heavily disputed resource. Many of the surrounding countries bickered and out-right fought over ownership, fishing rights, and tax rights of the 5,000 mile shoreline.

Eventually an independent trade guild arose from the population and became a neutral party in the negotiations of Lake Graingire. Through many negotiations and agreements (most presumably held in secret), the economic future of the countries bordering Lake Graingire became entwined under the moderation of the trade guild.

During the years of propsurous growth, no city shined brighter than Talaura. While belonging to one of the countries bordering the lake, records suggest that the trade guild had the majority of control over Talaura. This encouraged greater mixing of people, thus increase in trade, artistry and education.

During the War of the Godhand

During the second year of the Godhand war, the combined army of the survivors found a way to exert influence over the Godhand. They used this power to bring the Godhand into Lake Graingire and overwhealm it with the finest naval ships and powerful magics. At first, it appeared as if this was the end of the beast – the combined firepower nearly broken the Godhand and caused it to drown. While the armies cheered, however, the Godhand somehow tore a whole in the bottom of the lake using unholy power. As the entire lake drained, naval ships where thrown about and the Godhand climbed towards Talaura and turned it into a ruin.

The Abyss

The current-day Graingire Abyss is a direct portal to the home of demonlords and other demonic powers. Many demon worshipers offer sacrifices and conduct their dark rites by the edge of the Abyss to siphon off more chaotic energy. Several notable demonic cults call the old broken shores of the lake home, and many more hapless cults are devoured by the greedy demons that reside within the depths.

Graingire Abyss

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