“The largest and arguably most important megacity to all civilization.”
– Sage Dalranus XIV, the Unbiased

Population: Approximately 2,000,000 at Last Estimation (before Dalranux Tragedy)
Size: 24sq miles
Artifacts: 1

When the remainder of the civilized races searched for the most influential and/or
dangeorus tributes to guard, everyone knew the region that is now Dalranux would be
settled. The land claimed two future-sighted artifacts that served well for the coalition
legions during the Godhand War, as well as rich fields and vast, calm waterways.

War almost ignited immediately over the land over what is percieved to be the most
powerful controlled tribute in all of Magantia. As a last effort, the leaders of the
civilized races consulted the tributes, relying on their future-sight. The guidance given
lead to the creation of a council where each civilized race gained authoritative control
over specific faculties for a set period of time.

Dalranux is separated into 9 districts, each primarialy run by a specific race and each
having it’s own micro-society. In the center of the city is the Capital District, which is
where each council member of each race sits to do business.

Each district is so unique and feels like a world within itself. While each district follows
the laws of Dalranux, each district’s culture imposes other rules that are socially
enforced. While some districts may not be as friendly to some people, you can expect
to find people of various races within each district doing business and even living there.

The 8 Districts belong to dragonborn, drow, dwarves, elves, githzeri, gnomes, humans,
and teifling.

The Council of Unity is the ruling body of Dalranux, and is considered by many across
Magantia to be the prime authoritative government. Other megacities, especially
Morderand, consult with the Council of Unity reguarly before conducting activities with
wide-spread effect. The tributes Dalranux is built to protect, The Eye of Clarity and The
Eye of the Seen Path, are consulted every three years to establish which race will take
stewardship of the varous Chairs of Authority which govern various aspects of society
and survival. The current Chairs are:

Chair of Food and Commerce: Governs the trade of all goods and the production
of foodstuffs.
Chair of Legacy: Ensures all races identities, traditions and cultural heritage
issues are handled fairly.
Chair of Laws and Means: Enforces the law and defends the interests of the
people of Dalranux according to the law. Also ensures fair practices are followed
for laborers within the Dalranux zone of influence.
Chair of War: Commands Dalranux armed forces and all military operations.
Chair of Peace: Handles diplomatic relations with other megacities, humanoid
nations and other independant entities.
Chair of Coin: Manages Dalranux’s finances and promotes economic growth.
Chair of Welfare: Commands self-defense army assets and is in control of
military operations that deal directly with the well-being of the citizens of
Dalranux. Also has authoritative say in all property disputes dealing with land
and buildings.
Chair of Arcane Foresight: Handles and/or assists other chairs in all issues
concerning the use of magic. This extends to arcane, eldritch, psionic and divine

No new chairs have been created since the creation of The Writ of The Common People
of Dalranux, although the responsibilities of the Chairs have been adjusted over time.

Dalranux sits on the ground that use to hold two artifacts known as Dalranux’s Eyes. One of the artifacts has been taken over by one of the sentient beings from a meteor, leaving only one artifact in operation.

The Eye of the Seen Path: The Eye of the Seen Path is able to provide guidance to short-
term choices to be made. While it can predict independently of the other artifact, it
oftentimes invokes the Eye of Clarity before giving it’s judgement.

Obsidian Tower: Converted from the tower that held Dalranux’s second artifact, The Eye of Clarity, this imposing structure is made of a black rock and is the bastion of demonic, twisted creatures that have strong ties to elemental fire and ice.


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