Creation Lore


Deities have strict rules they abide by and enforce upon each other concerning creating new species, artifacts, planes, power sources, soul-tampering, planar adjustments, and so on. While a few ground rules where created at the birth of the cosmos, the deities came up with the rest just like mortals typically do – trial and error. The plane called Abomination’s Vault was a banishing realm for the bodies of dead deities, useless but powerful artifacts, world-destroying powers… until the divine law of “Don’t-Seal-Away-More-Than-One-Forbidden-Creation-In-A-Banishing-
Realm” was created.

Abomination’s Vault, or Rhinec as it is now known, gave birth to many of the same races the deities have blessed on places like Avonia, Faerun and Eberron. Wars where fought and won using the powers carelessly abandoned by the gods. Peace was only an option to those who owned the most artifacts (also called remnants or tributes, depending on your disposition). Populations of warring factions exploded, powerful forces where combined and torn apart, and war seemed to be a way of life.

Then the first meteor came. No historical record agrees on the exact time or location of the incident, but all tell vivid accounts accounts of the meteor crashing to the ground. Many more records show this meteor being sentient – living, breathing, and having it’s own will. Finally, all records point to the merging of the meteor with a remnant as the end of the war with each other, and the beginning of the war against the skies.

By the time the threat was taken care of, the races of the land of Magantia had been decimated. The population left gathered together and established fortifications around several sites containing massive tributes and fortified the regions. This started the megacities; citystate-like entities that desperately try to control the surrounding regions and protect the citizens of Rhinec from more devastation.

Creation Lore

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