“I guess it’s time to move on and find something else to do”
– Unknown Warforged Farmer
shortly after the fall of Calterron

Population: last census identified 22,000 people
Area: originally 7sq miles
Tributes: 2

General History

Third of the great megacities, Calterron was once known for its fertile fields, its grand architects and its epic tournaments that brought the megacities together. It was a crucial trade center, connected to Dalranux and Morderand by the Binding Boat. For all the glory and power
other megacities seemed to have, Calterron always boasted more… before one of its guarded remnants stole the souls of the living for miles around.

Calterron is known for the oder of rotting flesh, desolate landscapes and a gaping
whole in the sky that brings sorrow and fear. It is avoided by all, whispered about from
Dalranites and Morderandians in dark rooms. When people wonder how much worse
life could be, they look in the direction of Calterron and tremble…

Daily Life

Reports of daily “life” in Calterron are scarce. Walking dead are the first-class
citizens under the always-dark sky. Some stand around in a stupor while others
constantly cackle and talk of flesh. Others awkwardly go through the motions of their
former lives, doomed to drag empty harnesses from stable to stable. Meanwhile,
horrific abominations spawn from seemingly nowhere, ensuring no nightmare is left
unaccounted for.

There are sentient undead in Calterron. Some leave to seek redemption for some
unknown sin in any capacity possible. Others accept their new lives and form
communities with other like-minded dead.


There is no government in Calterron. Aside from the microcloisters of revenants
and other sentient dead, there is no civil life in the region, and thus no political


While one clearly overshadows the other, Calterron sits ontop of two remnants.

Death’s Pendulum / Heaven Spire: The settelers of Calterron chose the land because of
a beautiful, gold gilded artifact named the Heavan Spire. It gave clues to where other
powerful tribues could be found and even detected large meteors before they arrived.
Many thought the tribute to be their salvation.

Three thousand years after Calterron’s founding, a cataclysmic event occured that
created the Calterron of today. It was determined that the Heaven Spire, now nick-
named Death’s Pendulum, was responsible. How, exactly, is up for debate. But it’s
aftermath is clear – the undead rule Calterron, along with hordes of other never-seen-
before aberrations underneath a sky that looks to have been torn apart to reveal a
forever dreary night with a purple-hued moon grinning at the pain of the land.

Trinispear: Time has lost record of the exact function of the remnant. The Trinispear
refers to a set of three rod-like artifacts that extend an unknown depth into the ground.
The core functionality was found when the three rods resonated with the same energy
as the others.


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