Blood Red Diamonds

The Blood Red Diamonds are a small guild of assassins that primarily operate out of Dalranux, although unsupported rumors claim they have a presence all across Magantia. Having recorded origins going back only 400 years, they are the youngest recognized assassin guild.


Currently a Raksasha named Amharb is the guild leader, also known as the Master Slayer. The Blood Red Diamonds have been under control of this particular raksasha family from the beginning after they severed ties to another guild, Order of the Crimson Night. Many speculate that this separation was bathed in more blood than what a difference in management style would suggest, as is evident by the volatile and perhaps outright hostile relationship between the two guilds.


Aspiring assassins need to be proposed to the guild by a member of good standing. After an investigation that checks the background and potential of the candidate, they are brought before the Master Slayer himself. Typically the candidate doesn’t know who they are speaking too, never mind the raksasha guild leader typically assumes a different form. Assuming the Master Slayer gives the blessing, the candidate is asked to obtain an exceedingly rare gem called a crimson, or blood red, diamond. Few are known to exist, and potential members must draw on a wide pool of resources in order to find and acquire one – all skills of which the guild requires of a member.


While many conventions are followed between different splinters of the Blood Red Diamonds, there are only 4 real rules:

1) Never raise a hand against a fellow guild member
2) Never divulge your allegiance to those outside the guild
3) Never engage in conduct that would jeopardize the reputation of the guild
4) Never disobey an order from the Master Slayer or the Slayer’s entourage

Since their initial creation, some other “rules” that have evolved from these four to fit the rules into the guild’s changing goals and position in the world. These include guidelines on accepting and delegating assignments, as well as choice of companionship. The primary unspoken rule states that an assassin never fail to kill their mark and to be unseen in the mark’s execution.

All infractions of unwritten rules are handled by each splinter involved in various ways. Infractions upon the primary four that draw attention almost always end in the death of the guild member responsible.

Culture and Social

The guild itself is small. Members of the Blood Red Diamonds tend to operate in even smaller splinter groups. These groups keep informed of the guild’s activity as a whole and help each other to execute and pass along assignments when needed. All activity is also up communicated to the Master Slayer and the Slayer’s entourage, although they seem to all ready know all of the information given to them. Tribute is given to the entourage from each commission received to ensure the sovereignty of the splinter remains intact.

Over time, places have gained a reputation for being a place to find Blood Diamond members. Regardless, while in public guild members speak in code, ensuring that their conversation of wagon wheels and rancid beef convey information about safe houses and marks.

Additionally, guild members can identify themselves by making a statement with the word “feather” in it while their right hand is either flat against their thigh or against a tabletop. The appropriate reply involves a statement with the word “apron”, with an accompanying gesture with the left hand towards the speaker’s chin. Perspective clients attempting to find a guild member will usually ask a question about a “lamb”, expecting to get a statement about a “flock” in return.

Blood Red Diamonds

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