“This place is easy pickings, I’ll clean them out as soon as I finish this nap”
– Xor’al, Drow, Former Rogue
New Resident of Agarmia

Population: 29,000
Area: 17sq miles / 9 sq miles
Tributes: 1

General History

Late into the history of the new world meteor trackers, wandering merchants and
vagabonds started to settle near a semi-tropical location that had bountiful fruit,
breath-taking vistas, sparkling fresh water, and a general feeling of peace over the
entire landscape. Once word reached the other megacities of such a paradise, many
more came to enjoy themselves and start anew.

As time went on, the Megacity of Agarmia rose from the lush jungles and relaxing
beaches, fueled by a people who felt inspired and care-free. It wasn’t for 200
years after it’s settlement that it became known that a powerful tribute, nick-
named “Kaohinakou” (or Blessed Healing Rain) by Agarmians, is responsible for the
pacifist and fun-loving attitude of everyone for miles around. Agarmia is a megacity
dedicated to relaxation and pleasure – as dictated by it’s only tribute.

Daily Life

Agarmia is a rare beacon of pleasure and relaxation in a world that is constantly on
guard from the next horror from the sky. Paradoxically, it stands as a warning to the
rest of Rinehc of the power of the remnants. Those who sought out a mere period of
relaxation within Agarmia tend to stay permanently within Kaohinakou’s influence, even
if they had wealth and power beyond most people’s reach from their home territory.

While it looks like a constant party to most new arrivals, they soon start to feel the same
inspiration that has kept everyone else near Kaohinakou. Many tend to farms, develop
new buildings, clean up filth and garbage, and cloth the very few unfortunate. No
surprise Agarmia is also known for it’s beautiful works of art, from paintings and statues
to more eccentric pieces.


The people of Agarmia are mostly self-ruled. Kaohinakou provides all the people need
through their inspiration and joy, so there is little need to have a ruling body.

For foreign affairs, however, the Court of Maulono is composed mostly of people who’s
inspiration brings them there to serve the people by talking to foreigners. It is managed
by one called Kawakane, or “Cloud Creator”, who oversees and organizes all foreign


Agarmia has one tribute – the famous Kaohinakou.

Kaohinakou: Roughly translated as Blessed Healing Rain, the tribute Kaohinakou
pacifies even the strongest desires for war and inspires even the most dis-empowered.
Within four miles of Kaohinakou, travelers have reported feelings of peace and joy.
It is guessed that the influence of the remnant will grow as more people settle near
Kaohinakou. It is hard to study the artifact for long, although it is speculated that the
pacifying effect of Kaohinakou is simply a defense mechanism to prevent it from being
used for a higher or more destructive purpose.


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