Adventure from March 12
Can we keep it? We'll feed it and give it a crown!

Venturing through the mined pathway that cut into the earth, the party spelunks their way closer to the meteor’s creature. As they make their way through corridors and caverns, they happen upon a tribe of goblins lead by an ogre named Nautook. Fighting through psionicly empowered and alchemical altered warriors, goblin bodies were piled high while the party explored the underground complex.

A ferocious orge by the name of Rentaur fought to prevent the party’s advancement. After a particularly trying combat, they “convinced” the ogre to yield. It became apparent that, while definitely battle-hungry, Rentaur could potentially become a valuable asset… once they figure out how to communicate with him.

Shortly after, the party attempted to sneak past a goblin settlement to pursue the meteor creature. The heightened alertness of the goblin tribe proved too great; guards quickly identified the intruders and sounded an alarm. A river separated the pathway and the goblin settlement, connected by an ancient stonework bridge and a well-maintained rope bridge. As the goblin hordes began to swarm across the bridges, led by the bloodthirsty ogre slave-driver Natook, the party was at a loss and could only wonder how to stop the relentless tide of goblins.

While the battle raged, Quinn used his mystical energies to set fire to the rope bridge, leaving only the stone crossing. After some time of confusion, Greenman and Aztock noticed a tall statue overlooking the stone bridge. Finally escaping the melee with Natook, Greenman began to push the statue over onto the bridge with Aztock’s help. The statue destroyed the bridge, and after some final blows, Natook fell in battle.

Several dozen goblins now lay at the feet of exhausted executioners. They stand at a bloody intersection looking for rest while brandishing the sword that used to belong to Natook.




A light-blue colored gemstone
28 silver pieces
27 copper pieces
100gp in alchemical reagents

Bloodclaw Greatsword +2
Caustic Gauntlets
Flowform Cloth Armor + 2

Adventure from February 19th
You honestly thought this was a good idea? You're hired.

Celebrated by the villagers of Mazeur City, the party ate well and capitalized on their status by taking advantage of unique business deals and “advertising”. Eside, the necromancer, was nowhere to be found…

The next morning, Aztock entered the arcane sanctum to see what was keeping the necromancer… With half of his comrades in tow, they discover an aloof Noclus conducting dark research. During an interrogation, the party was ambushed by the same woman they noticed outside the dead villager’s home yesterday. After a very quick confrontation, she promptly escaped the retribution of the party.

The party discovered Noclus attempted to resurrect the girl, Tiri, using necromancy. Tiri harbored great hatred for those who scorned her during life and murdered her old boyfriend and the woman whom he cheated on Tiri with. Tiri’s jelousy spread to Eside, and she took his life as well. Tiri then forced Noclus to produce a ritual she could use to resurrect Eside in the same manor.

Armed with the knowledge necessary to destroy the half-revenants, the party faced the duo in the cemetery, destroying the creatures.

After a rousing game of “Tick off Sheriff ”/campaigns/rhinec/characters/annasil" class=“wiki-content-link”>Annasil and spread gossip that he is responsible for raising undead", a tornado came through the region – bet you wish you had better nature rolls, huh Screw Driver? – and caused the villagers to take shelter in the sanctum. While the party joined them, a meteor came flying through the sky and crashed a few miles away from Mazeur City. With expectations of foreign riches, the party mounted up and ventured out.

The party starts to venture into the cavern created by the meteor, exploring exotic terrain and fighting unusual creatures…



You leveled! Go ahead and level now. At the next session, we will adjust your healing surges, daily powers, item uses, etc, to match the losses you have taken so far in the adventure.


50gp in rare/valuable books
100gp in reagents

Onyx Dog
Amulet of Seduction
Iron Armbands of Power

Adventure from January 2011
Do we have to stay in this podunk town?

After travelling for several days, the party arrives at Mazeur City during the funeral of a local, Raimyr. Witnessing the event, and ignoring the only other person not attending the funeral, they are escorted into town by the Sheriff Annasil.

The party pulled some information out of Annasil that implied a lightning-based lizard creature destroyed part of the binding boat station. Wasting little time, they approach the tower that holds the binding boat station, wishing to move on quickly. Seeing the stairwell surging with lightning, they decide to talk to the Reeve of the town, Cardia Paeshell.

Interrupting their information gathering was a small cult of kobolds who apparently worshiped the creature at the top. After quickly dispatching them, an ice archon descends and offers them rewards and favor with “The Charred One” (who the party believes is responsible for the Dalranux Tragedy and the spawning of the Obsidian Tower). After much debate, the party decides to pre-emptively atack the archon, then continue on their way to see Cardia Paeshell.

400gp in loot,
plus 400gp commission
(plus 5sp for “community service”)

Shadow Hound Armor +2
Boots of Rapid Motion
Skull Mask

Previously In the Campaign
Sessions prior to the new year

The party escaped the city of Dalranux after a monstrous creature burst out of the ground and transmuted itself and one of Dalranux’s artifacts into the Obsidian Tower. With the help of Sergeant Lake and Darius, the party fought against hordes of gibbering beings with an affinity to fire or cold.

The party also fought against a “reanimated” member of the Blood Red Diamonds guild, Weth.

Aztock took an excursion to the Den of the Master Slayer in order to return guild loot only to discover intrigue within the guild. The Master Slayer sends Aztock to Westraid, a town that provides safety to one of the most travelled passages to the eastern part of the continent.

After a dramatic escape on a binding boat from the heart of Dalranux, the party recovers some of Darius’ goods and also receives a commission from Kereant to investigate the break-down of the binding boat rails in the village of Mazeur City.

Lastly, Quinn encounters a Shivaun’Ti by the name of Ricard who claims to know of of Quinn’s (and the party’s!) destiny.


Awarded all ready




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