Pelor's Sun Blessing

Boon level 3


If you deal damage to a target that has vulnerability rto radiant damage, you deal extra damage equal to your Wis or Con mod whichever is higher.

At-Will Power: Minor Action. You emit a bright light in a 5-square radius. As a minor action, you can stop emitting the light

Daily Power * Healing: Minor Action. An Ally within 5 squares of you can spend a healing surge, that ally gets a +1 item bonus to saving thrown until the end of the encounter.


So there was this big dumb statue somewhere and we got in a fight by it. If you stood by the statue during the fight it helped you out so we tried to save the statue from the critters. After they were all dead some sort of being came down and blessed us. Cool hu.

Pelor's Sun Blessing

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