Shivan'Ti dancer and comrade of Quinn.


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March 31st


Ricard has been a gypsy-like Shivaun’Ti all of his life. As such, he has been trained in superstitious lore and Laukum Tiri – the ceremonial dance Shivaun’Ti perform for entertainment in large centers of civilization.

Typically soft spoken and polite, Ricard is known to speak cryptically about his thoughts. Sometimes his musings seem like utter rubbish, while other times they are so alien that they ring of madness. While seeming to be a proud, capable individual in his own right, Richard is especially attentive to Quinn.

Richard has lived the past two years away from his troupe after recieving a vision that sent him westward towards the area surrounding the megacity Dalranux. He never talks about the vision, although he openly admits he did not think it would have lead him into contact with the adventures he is having.


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