Previously In the Campaign

Sessions prior to the new year

The party escaped the city of Dalranux after a monstrous creature burst out of the ground and transmuted itself and one of Dalranux’s artifacts into the Obsidian Tower. With the help of Sergeant Lake and Darius, the party fought against hordes of gibbering beings with an affinity to fire or cold.

The party also fought against a “reanimated” member of the Blood Red Diamonds guild, Weth.

Aztock took an excursion to the Den of the Master Slayer in order to return guild loot only to discover intrigue within the guild. The Master Slayer sends Aztock to Westraid, a town that provides safety to one of the most travelled passages to the eastern part of the continent.

After a dramatic escape on a binding boat from the heart of Dalranux, the party recovers some of Darius’ goods and also receives a commission from Kereant to investigate the break-down of the binding boat rails in the village of Mazeur City.

Lastly, Quinn encounters a Shivaun’Ti by the name of Ricard who claims to know of of Quinn’s (and the party’s!) destiny.


Awarded all ready




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