Adventure from January 2011

Do we have to stay in this podunk town?

After travelling for several days, the party arrives at Mazeur City during the funeral of a local, Raimyr. Witnessing the event, and ignoring the only other person not attending the funeral, they are escorted into town by the Sheriff Annasil.

The party pulled some information out of Annasil that implied a lightning-based lizard creature destroyed part of the binding boat station. Wasting little time, they approach the tower that holds the binding boat station, wishing to move on quickly. Seeing the stairwell surging with lightning, they decide to talk to the Reeve of the town, Cardia Paeshell.

Interrupting their information gathering was a small cult of kobolds who apparently worshiped the creature at the top. After quickly dispatching them, an ice archon descends and offers them rewards and favor with “The Charred One” (who the party believes is responsible for the Dalranux Tragedy and the spawning of the Obsidian Tower). After much debate, the party decides to pre-emptively atack the archon, then continue on their way to see Cardia Paeshell.

400gp in loot,
plus 400gp commission
(plus 5sp for “community service”)

Shadow Hound Armor +2
Boots of Rapid Motion
Skull Mask


deltran jhelms

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